It’s a fact – the faster you drive the harder you hit.  Speed Kills #SlowDown

On average, 60 people are killed on Western Australian roads each year because of speeding-related crashes, with a further 375 people suffering serious, life-changing injuries (Office of Road Safety).

The most effective way to reduce these alarming statistics is by slowing down on our roads. If we all slowed down, our chances of being killed or seriously injured on the road would dramatically decrease. Speeding is not just driving faster than the speed limit. It is also driving too fast for the weather, light, traffic and road conditions.

FACT: Speed enforcement is not about revenue raising.

In Western Australia, 100% of the money collected from speed and red light camera infringements goes into the Road Trauma Trust Account and is spent on road safety programs such as community education, policy development, research and improving road safety co-ordination (Office of Road Safety).

Speed cameras have been proven to slow motorists down and reduce crashes around the world. They are placed in or around high-risk areas or crash “black spots” and their continuing presence is an ongoing reminder for motorists to reduce their speed.

A wide range of speed limit options exist today, which dictate lower speeds in shared zones and residential streets and higher speeds on freeways and rural highways. Once the appropriate speed limit is determined, it normally applies 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

However, modern technology also provides the possibility to manage speed limits by time of day and for different conditions or events.

What do you think about authorities being able to adjust the speed limits on our roads?


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